Spiritual Number 28

Spiritual Meaning To Number 28 – Spirit is leading you to abundance!

Know that Source is in front of you! Pulling you to the most successful outcome!

Now is the time to be more optimistic than you have been! Give your energy to unconditional love and believe in the impossible!

Spirit is guiding you along your pathway right now so when it seems beyond your control it is! Release and surrender to Source.

Follow the signs you are receiving! They are the synchronicities Spirit is sending you to know the next step to take.

This is a new beginning in your life path now!

Things are coming full circle in your life!

You planted new seeds of positive karma and now is the time to harvest those blessings!

New love! New career! New self discovery! New mindset!

It is time for you to receive!

Spirit is reminding you to avoid limiting yourself now!

Be open to receiving more than you have allowed yourself to receive before!

Spiritual Number 28 pulls from

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