Spiritual Number 23

Spiritual Meaning To – 23 – Blessed Change is NOW!

You are aligned with a very special change that has already begun!

You are on the right new path!

You have support from your Spirit Guides and Angel’s. The decisions you have made recently were divinely led.

You have made the right choice in the situation on your heart or you are considering the right choice.

Support is coming to you in all ways! Accept the help being offered!

Look deeper within and see where Spirit is pulling you towards.

People are opening up to you as pathways begin to take shape and new roads become clearer.

Trust your intuition! Move forward with confidence and believe in the impossible because the possible is right in front of you now!

You have been in this situation before! Karma is happening!

You have grown tired of the reacting the same way and receiving the same thing.

Now it is time for you to receive abundant support and build your empire, your dreams, and your new chapter!

The foundation you are building is strong and stay on that path!

23 is blessing you with another opportunity that you once thought was lost.

Spirit is encouraging you to move forward the way your intuition is guiding you – that is Spirit! Trust!

You are at a crossroads but trust that failure is your cushion. It is temporary!

Practice in this new path by shape shifting and focus on being inside your vision.

Living your dreams! The time is now!

Spiritual Number 23 brings the blessing of

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Change is here and you are ready to go in the path you have not chosen before now!


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