Spiritual Number 21

Spiritual Number 21 – You Are Beginning A SUPPORTIVE NEW Path in LOVE or BUSINESS!!!!

Spirit is blessing you to see your life mission! Accept it and continue moving towards it!

Spirit is encouraging you to be open to more unconditional love than you have ever allowed in your space before! You are moving with the powerful speed of Divine Timing!

The action steps you take now are seeding your abundance pathway forward! Continue moving in that direction!

21 brings spiritual support from all your Angel’s, Spirit Guides, and Divine Source!

21 also confirms the Earth Angel’s Spirit is sending your way are here to help you succeed! Pay close attention to the people that are offering their services for free, discount, or in exchange for your services!

This is is a wonderful time of full on support from all angles and directions for you now!

Let other’s help you by listening to and following your intuition! The messages you receive now are absolutely building your foundation!

21 says cultivate this new path and partnership!

You have taken a turn for the better in the decisions you are making in love. The decision you had to make was not that easy but it was necessary!

Spirit is encouraging you to continue on this path because your wishes hopes and dreams are aligned with each time you step out on faith!

You are doing the opposite of what you’ve done before and that’s a beautiful thing! Spirit is confirming to you now that is the right thing for you to do!

Continue!!! You are accepting the NEW path that karma has laid out for you this time!

This is an exciting time and you are in energy of renewed love, reconciliation, soulmate, twinflame reunion, passion, excitement, and unconditional love and Divine support!!!

Spiritual Number 21 pulls energy from

Spiritual Number 2

Spiritual Number 1

Spiritual Number 3

This is an amazing road you have courageously begun! You are blessed! Please continue! Spirit is encouraging you to do just that and be ready to soon reap the bountiful rewards from the seeds you are sowing now!!!!

21 says You have earned every beautiful miracle that comes your way!!!


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