Spiritual Number 19

Spiritual Meaning To – 19 – God’s Blessings!

Spiritual Number 19 is showing you that Spirit is leading you into a profound self-discovery!

You are walking into a new phase of your Spiritual Awakening Journey! Welcome the enlightenment that Source is delivering your way and be empowered by the truth that you find throughout each step you take!

You are a sponge taking in all the miracles of life right now and you are being Divinely led to continue.

Stay confident and explore the Spiritual realm because you are receiving Spiritual communication right now and will continue!

Divine Source is with you every step of the way encouraging your direction. Stop and listen to the messages within each moment you realize you are a Soul within a body.

There is an important change occurring now in your life. You are at the crossroads and walking away from a phase in your life and spiritual journey.

As you begin to move forward you are beginning a new direction.

19 says don’t give up because God is on your side!

19 reminds you that Source is showing up in ways you have not acknowledged before.

19 encourages you to awaken to your God given spiritual gifts and share them with humanity!

19 opens that passage that you have always felt yet been afraid to explore.

19 shows you the light within other people and Divine Light with yourself!

19 asks you to have faith and confidence in your spiritual gifts because you are talented in the ways you are beginning to accept.

19 brings people to you that confirm your path in life and show you your life mission. Pay attention to the synchronistic messages you are receiving.

Spirit is showing you the door that is closing in relationship with another and why this new window of opportunity is happening now.

You are blessed beyond measure and highly favored to recognize the way God is illuminating your path!

Shine bright as 19 encourages you to seek out God in all and serve in the capacity you are intended to.

Maintain trust and integrity with your relationships and move away from jealousy, strife, and envy.

Spirit is reminding you to work towards the good of all by keeping your honor and humility in all you do.

Spiritual Number 19 is showing up because you are being pulled away from a phase, a relationship, a connection, a philosophy, an ideal, a job, a fear, and/or a wave of toxic energy to heal and move forward into healing divine light!

Spiritual Number 19 pulls from

Spiritual Number 1

Spiritual Number 9

Spiritual Number 10

Spiritual Number 0

God is in control yet has granted you the leadership role and strong energy to control the outcome of your blessed new path on earth!

Spirit is encouraging you to be the mover and shaker and play the game of life – not to let the game of life play you!


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