Spiritual Number 18

Spiritual Meaning To – 18 – Infinite Abundance Awaits!

Spiritual Number 18 encourages you to continue down the pathway Spirit is sending you in!

Spiritual Number 18 is a gold laced pathway of love and abundance. Keep going in the direction you are being Divinely led in!

18 speaks of the blessing in beginning again or reprioritizing your responsibilities and re-aligning with new goals and aspirations.

You are focused on a new love, career, or location that is filled with the happiness your Soul desires.

Spirit is gifting you with the blessings of

Spiritual Number 1

Spiritual Number 8

Spiritual Number 9

Seek solitude for meditation but act on the Spiritual Guidance Source confirms to your Soul!

You are ending a major chapter in your Spiritual Awakening Journey and beginning a brand new one!

It is one of humanitarianism and advocacy as you are instilling those precious qualities in your life mission now.

Show your compassion and receive the abundance that Source has waiting for you!

Have those precious moments of communion with our Creator but Spirit is urging you to go in a specific direction and you are clearly seeing which direction you are being blessed to move in now.

Be courageous and step forward in this divinely ordained path!


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