Spiritual Number 15

Spiritual Meaning To – 15 – Find Your Balance!

You are on a new path that will present some twists and turns along the way!

Do not fret. Do not worry.  You are on a new path that presents a change in your pattern. This is a good thing.

Spirit is reminding you that the decisions you are making are fresh and new and may frighten your human (ego). Keep going and expect changes along the way.

The circumstances you find yourself in are karmic and represent the seeds you have sown.

Continue planting good seeds for good karma and replace any negative karma by sowing new seeds of good intentions.

You are being blessed with the type of change that produces good results.

15 says find your balance in your new way of doing things.

15 says seek relationship balance with your partner and if you are seeking your romantic partner, 15 says balance between work and play.

The spiritual meaning to 15 encourages you not to cry over spilled milk but to continue to look for the blessing in each karmic lesson. As you do, the blessings unfold right before you eyes.

Stay the course and do not give up. Follow the synchronistic signs and Spiritual Guidance as Spirit sends it.

Spirit reminds you that it is wise to save while spending on necessities and balance between needs and wants.

Spirit is showing you ways that help you move out of the survival mode into flourishing abundance.

15 encourages unconditional love in each new step you take. As you are blessed bless others.

15 is filled with unconditional love and the law of attraction.

15 is also filled with the principle of cause and effect.

As you plant good seeds good karma follows. Expect good things to happen and they will.

Bring fresh cut flowers into your home and prepare for new love as the highest form of energy is coming your way.

Spirit is asking you to follow the signs and be prepared for the type of love life you desire. Those seeds you plan now will blossom in unconditional loving energy from another.

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