Spiritual Number 14

The Spiritual Meaning To – 14 – A Blessed Change!

14 says you are on a new path that is blessed by all energies, Angels, and elements!

Divine Source is on your side in this new venture, relationship, and beginning!

Spirit is helping you walk through this karmic change with all of the Universal support you need.

Be courageous and brave! Have faith and trust in your next step.

People are pouring in from all angle’s to help and support you because they are being sent by Divine Source to help you.

Earth Angel’s are offering you support. Look past the human aspect and receive the unconditional loving support they are providing.

14 encourage you to continue calling in support from your Angel’s and Spirit Guides. They are rallying for you on the other side!

14 reminds you to stay optimistic and encouraged as you enter a new phase in your life journey. The ending you just experienced was in Divine Timing and the new phase you have entered is meant to be.

Spirit wants you to be proud of the changes you are making. Spirit is showing you signs through other people and Spiritual Guidance that you have been questioning.

Those signs and synchronisities are real and this is your confirmation.

The decision on your Soul right now is the right thing to do and you are blessed through each phase of it.

Spirit is reminding you that this is a change that is timed by the heavens and stars.

14 says step forward and call on your Angel’s and Spirit Guides for help.

They will be there for you so continue to pay attention to the signs you receive as your Spiritual Guidance.

14 brings the energies of

Spiritual Number 1

 Spiritual Number 4 

Spiritual Number 5

Spirit is blessing you with all of the energies you need to succeed.


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