Spiritual Number 13

Spiritual Meaning To – 13 – Release! You Are Ready!

13 brings the awareness of an ending theme in your life journey!

You may feel the overwhelming energy of a crossroads in your life.

13 says be encouraged that which you release from was meant to unravel right now.

It is time to celebrate when you acknowledge 13 showing up syncronistically in your life!

Spirit is reminding you while encouraging you that you have what it takes to explore this new path.

13 is a break that is absolutely karmic. Meaning it will happen either way – you will experience this ending.

Two paths are present. Which will you take? 13 asks us to decide the path that feels pleasing to our Soul. Not our human.

Be prepared to experience the blessing in the lessons you have learned along the way.

13 helps you use your resources and be reminded that this new beginning is a blessed one that Divine Source has gifted you with.

13 marks the ending of a strong era in which you have faced difficult situations.

Spirit reminds you that the relationships that end now have been coming for quite some time. The toxicity in that unconditional love has become weakened and cannot remain.

Spirit is confirming your strengthened Spiritual Growth by separating you from what no longer serves you and what has never been healthy for you.

That break may be romantic, platonic, family or origin, way of life, mindsets, toxic energy, negative karma, psychic attack, spiritual warfare, human death, behavior, career, jobs, psyche, disease, conditioning, abuse, home, and absolutely Spiritual Ascension and Growth.

13 marks the new beginning with a solid foundation to begin a new life chapter and sometimes a new life book entirely.

13 brings strength and fortitude. 13 also brings a practical sense of what is needed to lay a solid foundation going forward.

You will see your strength in the way you feel as people leave your life whether you encourage this departure or they initiate the karmic release.

Spirit is offering a gift that is in disguise yet felt on a powerful Soul level.

Be empowered in your next steps because it is your careful yet exciting attitude that will be used as the concrete in which you lay your new foundation.

13 is a wonderfully blessed energy that does not come with out detachment from people, events, behavior, and energies you have outgrown – and have outgrown their welcome.

13 says this is a new day in which you will smile inside – even if detachment is strongly felt.

You are aware that you must experience the vulnerability in the enlightenment you are blessed with now.

You have reached a pivotal milestone in your Spiritual Awakening process and your awakening has brought you much insight into your own inner psyche.

Spirit is helping you step forward with all of the elements of

Spiritual Number 4

Spiritual Number 1

Spiritual Number 3

Be confident that you are receiving The Universe’s Blessings in the decision you have made to be empowered in the next phase of your journey.

As you step forward in your new path, you are profoundly blessed with love of the highest vibrational energy.

Trust your Soul. Trust your Intuition. Work with your human (ego).

Believe in the Divine direction you are being led in. Open that door and step in with strong footing.

Spirit is assuring you that first step is the beginning of a new phase of happiness, success and inner peace that you have longed for.

Trust in yourself as you are displaying your faith in Divine Source.

Clarity has returned and awakened you to your new life.

Blessings! You have arrived!

Warm Love & Bright Light!

Necole XO


4 Replies to “Spiritual Number 13”

  1. Thank you so much beautiful Necole. I Truly feel like this entire message was for me l. I love you dearly. You have helped me through difficult times which felt unbearable and I know you are a strong gifted woman. Love Shannea pronounced Shayna

    1. Thank you Dear Shannea for taking time to not only comment but to have followed your intuition and came to our site! Keep following your Spiritual Guidance Dear Love……you are meant to receive sooo much more than you have ever before!!! Don’t doubt THAT for a second! I love you!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all your children XO

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