Spiritual Number 12

Spiritual Meaning To – 12  – Get Ready For Your Journey!!

The Spiritual Meaning to 12 is coiled in the energies of 1 and 2! The time to formulate your pathway with the help of your Spiritual Team is – Now!

Spirit is assuring your steps forward are the foundation you are building your new structure, pathway, and blessing!

12 brings an understanding that the new road ahead of you is one of strong foundation. Spirit will inspire you each step of the way through signs and symbols within the Spiritual Realm.

12 indicates the first confirmation you receive in going in a new direction that is laced with love and Spiritual Guidance from Source.

12 is a reminder that you are beginning a new phase of your life or circumstances. You could be entering a new phase of love, commitment, career, or financial gain.

12 is a message for you to remain positive and focused on the direction you are moving in.

Stay motivated to manifest the blessing you are working to bring to fruition.

12 reminds you to call on Spirit for help and your Spiritual Team for continued awareness that they are with you, supporting your new pathway.

When you see 12 in patterns of synchronicity, you will receive confirmation through conversation, objects, clairaudience, and so much more.

Be open to receiving the way your Spiritual Guidance comes to you.

Be clear on what you are speaking outwardly to The Universe and inwardly to your human.

Spirit is reminding you that you are supported in your new direction. As you make new decisions you will shine and prosper while gaining confidence each step you take.

Your Soul is awake and ready to explore the next phase of your journey.

Avoid naysayers and drama. Everything you touch is to create your future now.

You are creating your future manifestation.

12 is reminding you to be focused on your vision of manifestation.

Blessings in your new beginnings.


Necole XO


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