Spiritual Number 11

Spiritual Meaning To – 11  – What a BLESSING!!


You have found balance!

11 is spiritual growth! You have arrived at a profound understanding  that will be your foundation in the next phase of your spiritual journey.

11 is the first Master number which means this number 11 is personified in the energies of 1.

Raise Your Vibration!

11 says keep your focus higher and strongly intent on your desires wishes and dreams.

During your  Spiritual Awakening phase you will see 11 in combination with other number or alone.

Spirit wants you to pay attention to the moment you recognize 11.

11 can also be symbolically in words or shapes such as straight lines, arrows, parallel lines.

That is Archangel Metatron. Acknowledge Archangel Metatron’s presence in the geometric shape you are seeing as 11.

11 indicates you are being reminded to stay encouraged and focused on the goals you wish to obtain.

Spirit is confirming you leadership qualities! That is the professional phase you are entering! Managerial, supervisory, team lead, educator, group lead….

You are not a follower and others look to you right now for answers that you receive from within your spiritual connection with Spirit and your Spiritual team.

You are an inspiration as you are inspired by The Most High and all of your spiritual guides and helpers.

11 reminds you to shine bright when you see this magical number!

The Most Illumined is leading you right now!

You are being held to a higher station in this earthly dimension.

11 says follow the rules and be reminded of your integrity leading you to your success.

You have ended one phase in your Awakening Process and begun a new one!

There is a new wave of support being extended to you!

11 says be open to receiving Heaven’s help!

You find may yourself in a legal battle, dispute or disagreement.

11 is the opening of a new era in your life! It is time to be optimistic and unlimited in your mindset!

11 is the Awakening Process.

11 is your new beginning!

11 is encouraging you to realign with your Higher Self.

Spirit is blessing you with the opportunity to do something OVER!

11 is ushering in a chance for you to take the road you have been afraid to travel in the past.

11 is calling your attention to that very memory.

Now is your chance to answer the what if’s:

“What if I chose that option?”

“What if I decided to…?”

“What if (this one thing)….?”

11 is blessing you with the choice you wanted to take in the first place!!!

The option you feel you missed out on – is the reminder 11 rides in on.

11 says it is never ever too late!

11 is encouragement, balanced energy, polarity, congruency, partnership, unity, assuring you of your spiritual support…

11 is bringing your soul truth back for you to deal with it, accept it, and absorb it!

Spirit is guiding you to find PEACE with it by moving  forward with change.

11 is asking you to change your Manifestation Blueprint.

Zeus and his eternal love; Hera are empowering you to strengthen your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

AND your Divine Union.

11 is the connection between the immortal and the mortal.

Spirit is bringing you the awareness of what comes to the light has been hidden long enough.

Spirit is reminding you of your intuition, power and strategic mind…

Spirit is encouraging you to lead with integrity.

Be of service while compromising in your relationships.

Seek balanced spiritual harmony yet stay grounded in reality.

11 is helping you hover between the Spirit Realm; the 5th Dimension, the 6th Dimension….

And your earthly existence; the 4th Density, circumstances, life.

Spirit is telling you to focus on your most loftiness of hopes, wishes, and dreams.

Keep Your thoughts high!

Raise Your Vibration! Kiss Your Higher Self & Stay In-tuned With Your Truth!

You are on the verge of a spiritual breakthrough!



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