Spiritual Number 9

Spiritual Meaning – To – 9 – Unity and Spiritual Enlightenment. You are a Light Worker and Spirit is reminding you of your connection to The Spirit Realm.

9 confirms your strength in being of strong service to humanity.

9 is humanitarianism – and that is your primary spiritual gift amongst the many qualities you have led.

There are positive examples that are living each moment you breathe.

9 brings the awareness that Spirit is reaching out to you as you are a Beacon Of Light for The Most High. Your gifts are needed in this lifetime – NOW –

Assert yourself to serve and heal others through the channels Spirit has been opening up to you.

Pay attention to the signs as you are very aware that you have specific Spiritual Gifts.

Seek mastery in your ability to heal and teach. Continue to meditate but go forth in faith to show others how to shine their light.

You are not to be treated without respect. Learn to assert yourself as others need to see and receive you as the leader you are.

Your care giving nature is natural and gifted to you by Divine Source.

Always find new ways to treat yourself with love and respect.

Honor your value for you are modest in your contribution others benefit greatly by your love & highly Spiritual energy!

Do not second guess yourself. Take time out for yourself and find ways to nourish your own soul before healing and caring for others.

Spirit is reminding you of your natural ability to move diligently in everything you do but take precaution to self-love and self-care.

9 is reminding you to avoid burn-out exhaustion and depletion.

Spirit is also reminding you that a tremendous karmic ending is occurring.

9 is blessing you with a new beginning that is graced with the mercy and abundance of the The Most High.

Spirit is waiting for you to accept and  develop your spiritual gifts.

9 says give your energy to faith and not worry.

9 says fear not! You have all spiritual resources needed to achieve a successful outcome.

9 says you are fulfilling your goals. This marks a conclusion of an energy that has served it’s purpose – OR – never served you  at all.

9 is the end and beginning of a career transition. romance, level of commitment, relationship, physical move, health condition and phase of life that you are having to release and let go of.

9 requests you give it back to The Universe. Allow Divine Source to wash away the far of the transition you are experiencing.

9 is aligned to Archangel Raziel and Archangel Azrael for support and Spiritual Guidance as you close one chapter and begin the next in your beautiful book of life.


2 Replies to “Spiritual Number 9”

  1. Thank you Necole. I am reminded Ian notspinning my wheels. This transition is real, solid id and grounded in the most high source. Spirit lead me to you through my MedicineCards. These cards are of native American Indian origin. Such synchronized energy is building.

    Many blessings to you

    1. Thank you for sharing your truth Dear Julie! XO I am so happy you followed and were brought here! Love you Dear Heart! XO

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