Spiritual Number 7

Spiritual Meaning To – 7 – You are being Divinely led. You are on the right path – the path of Spiritual Enlightenment.

You are a Leader that is blessed and aware of the unlimited energy that makes one successful.

Acknowledge the vastness of your unlimited potential to lead and serve in the capacity you were and are meant to be in.

7 means your life mission is calling and so are those you are meant to help. They will follow your direction so keep your integrity sharp and acutely focused.

7 says you are highly sensitive and keenly aware of the unseen and know how to use the human abilities you were born into while sharpening your Spiritual gifts at the same time.

Strive for the top and keep climbing as you receive each victory along your life’s journey.

Stay determined and resist the feeling of being undermined –

7 is reminding you that they know not what they do – you are to serve as example and teach –

7 means you are a wise sage and are meant to lead the masses in educating in your craft. Do not doubt yourself – you are fortunate and blessed-

Success is yours – you have to believe to receive and apply it in your earthy life in this lifetime. Do not wait for the next lifetime to achieve your goals the time is now.

You are being led in the right direction. You must have faith. Trust in your spiritual gifts and your power to control the outcome.

7 confirms you are manifesting beyond your wildest dreams and cannot imagine the unlimited potential that exists within your auric field.

7 confirms your Twinflame connection has manifested!

Spirit is sending you the calm in your Soul about the confusion you once had towards another. Accept it and move towards your Twinflame!

7 is encouraging you to step into the unknown because your Spirit knows the outcome! Your human is afraid to accept what your Soul knows! Accept it and live in your true love!

7 assures you that your Twinflame reunion has manifested! Accept that reunion and be grateful to have received the type of love that lasts lifetimes!

7 says The Twinflame Running & Chasing Stages have ended Spiritually!

Spirit has given you free will to move past the struggle and into your euphoric happiness now!

The Spirit Realm says answer your call and journey deeper within to locate your passion that leads to your soul mission your life purpose.

You are meant to prevail and accomplish. It is written. Where you are led is the right place.

It is the right moment at the right time and though it may not feel like it you are exactly where you should be. Continue to learn from this moment and focus on your future.

Spirit is leading you into new directions and you are not alone. You are leading an army of supporters and educating the masses along the way.

You are going in a new direction that is lined with unconditional love and this includes romantic love.

You are being pulled away from toxic love to receive the type of love that exists inside your Soul. True.

Pay attention to your circumstances. See through the reasons you are moving to a new location, moving away from a specific person, group of people, behavior, mindsets, limiting beliefs, and/or situation.

Spirit is saying focus on success and the most auspicious outcome.

Spirit is confirming you deserve this new beginning! This new love! This new phase of being!

Spirit is helping you break through the conditional energy and the spirit of lack!

7 speaks of the trials you had to endure to get to this moment.

You are seeing the transformation take hold and it can be frightening and confusing.

You can try to hang on to the old behavior, people, and situations but Spirit is encouraging you strongly to move with your heart and work with the earth angel sent to you now!

That earth angel may be your inner self, your higher consciousness, or someone close to you that you simply cannot release from your earthly existence.

Spirit is sending communication that this person is the love of your life. You will work together and achieve infinite abundance. Expansion is your theme now!

You are being Divinely guided to seek further into why Spirit is leading you in a specific direction. Look within and you will find the answers.

Change can be scary to some but Spirit is reminding you of your place within creation and with the love of your life.

This transformation did not come without the struggle and inner purging.

Be reminded that you are meant to succeed! You are breaking free from restrictions placed on you from religious umbrellas, childhood wounds, projected thoughts from others, and stagnation!

You are a leader and an educator – integrity is your foundation.

Continue on your path with persistence and determination.

You are aligned to receive your deepest dreams and to manifest your heart’s desires.

Remember you are a wise Sage and positioned to share Spiritual Guidance to all who will listen.



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