Spiritual Number 6

The Spiritual Meaning To – 6 – Seek balance in all areas of life. Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically seek positive ways to bring harmony.

Nurture your goals and be reminded of family and friends needing your attention. Honor your ability to balance your responsibilities and desires.

Plan to spend time laughing and enjoying family and friends while possibly eliminating “busy work” or over extending yourself in one area, specific person, or group of people.

Spirit is also reminding you that while you seek the pathway to your success keep your thoughts high and optimistic while remaining positive.

You are eliminating worry and strain from trying to do too much. Your plate is full of responsibilities and some need to be weighed for their true value.

Unconditional love is what you are composed of and that is the energy you are manifesting so keeping your home life and work life in balanced harmony is deepening your manifestation.

You are nurturing every side of your human and spiritual self. Things may feel out of balance and the weight of a situation is on your shoulders.

Spirit is reminding you to delegate and rule or control what you absolutely must. If someone is offering you help – accept the help being offered and trust there is more than one way to get it done.

Compromise and rest in the company of your Angel’s that comfort and guide you knowing you are limited in your human side. This deepens your spiritual strength. You are unlimited in your spiritual gifts and wisdom.

Allow our messengers of God to take worries away. Let the Angel’s and Manifestations of God uplift you when times get tough.

Sometimes you have to assert yourself and not allow yourself to be stepped on or treated like a doormat.

Allow Goddess Isis remind you as well that you can rule your Kingdom with grace and power while nurturing and pampering your family, partner, and career.

You have to care for yourself – male or female – young – not so young.

You deserve unconditional love in your relationships at all times. Spirit is reminding you that when that is imbalanced seek ways to achieve relationship bliss.

It may be through detachment from toxic connections, ideas, beliefs, and routine. Prioritize work with Archangel Metatron.

Pay attention to areas of neglect. Children, spouse, self. Hygiene, personal attention and tender loving care – TLC….is needed right now in ways you are neglecting yourself.

Show your gratitude for all the blessings by releasing that which no longer serves you and sometimes what never has. Nourish your dreams.

Allow Archangel Gabriel to help you pamper yourself and any projects before you pour anymore energy into others at this time. It is time for you to be taken care of and to balance out the many different ways you are being pulled.


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