Spiritual Numbers – Cycle Repeat – Pattern

Spiritual Numbers holds specific spiritual significance. When you have one number repeat itself after a different number, that is a cycle repeat pattern.

That is when Spirit is asking you to pour your energy into that sequence because it will be repeated in your life – in that order. The theme Source wants you to center and ground yourself on is found within two numbers.

(1) One is the number in between the repeating numbers:


The number in this example is 4

Spirit wants you to remember that between the advocacy work and self-discovery you are embarking on, the energy of 4 is the core energy you are using to continue to find your balance between the energy of the number 9.

Always refer back to our spiritual meaning of the numbers to understand the fullness of how to apply your Spiritual Guidance. And know where, how, and when Spirit is guiding you to your blessings.

(2) The other is the sum of all three or four numbers in your pattern.


9+4+9 = 22 = 2+2 = 4

In this beautiful example, 4 is still the energy you will center yourself on when circumstances seem heavy, and your own energy feels weak. Your Angel’s and the Universe’s energy is in your every step and ready for you to receive.

As you begin to put these magical alchemic spiritual principles together, you will begin to unravel a key part in The Secret Spiritual Code of Life.

For example:


7+3+7 = 17 = 1+7 = 8

Summarized Spiritual Meaning: You are being reminded that as you go in the blessed direction you are being led to go in, Ascended Masters are ready to help you balance between energies. You are safe and to have courage and faith as you grow into Spiritual Wisdom and maturity. You will be met with energy that will try to confuse you but be reminded you are fully supported. Continue to be around like minded Souls that inspire your success. Listen to your Spiritual Guidance and honor your intuition to prevail and pass each test that comes before you. You life is taking a turn for the better and continue to visualize unlimited potential as you are tapping into that very manifestation.

(For further understanding and FULL meaning please review each Spiritual Number within our directory)

1010 = 1+1=2

1001= 1+1=2

Summarized Spiritual Meaning: Spirit is encouraging you to accept the support when it is offered and seek out ways to receive the help you deserve. You do not have to go it alone, you are beginning a new path and Source is blessing each step you take with further Spiritual Guidance directly to you. You are blessed and receiving more offers of support than you have ever before. It is time for you to allow abundance into your life and that includes the form of true love. This is a blessed union, Spirit is encouraging you to surrender to the unconditional love being sent your way. Togetherness, unity, and partnership are your themes to remember.

(For further understanding please see Spiritual Number 1, 0, and 2)

Our list is continually being added to as Spirit works through me. Thank you for your patience.


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