Spiritual Number 5

Spiritual Meaning to – 5 –  Karma is upon you. The winds of change have ushered in a new energy.

The Universal Law of Vibration and The Secret Nature of Spirit is in high motion and vibration for you to succeed in the pathway Spirit is encouraging you to go in.

Adventure’s are ahead and your open spirit will appreciate being free to just be  present in each moment as Divine Source made you to be. Be willing to accept “more” than you have allowed yourself to receive before. This includes true love.

It is time for powerful life lessons to be made and moving in a new direction is upon you.

You  may feel you are at a crossroads and unable to move forward but your soul has been listening.

Your ego-human side is holding you to a place of hesitation and resistance.

It is time for you to take strong action and move in the direction Spirit has you going in. That path is aligned with personal freedom.

Creative, romantic and child like; your passion needs to be heard, seen and received.

Open up to the world of curiosity and still play it safe by honoring your souls direction and Spiritual Guidance.

True love is at your door waiting for you to open up to it. It is unlike any other you have attached yourself to before. The energy may manifest in the partner you are with as renewed love and revived passion.

Try something different and roll around in it for a while before you close your mind body and soul to it. Listen to Spirit for what “that thing” is to try. Source will always show you the passage to your happiness.

Detach from the material world and what you have been clinging to for fear of abandonment and worry.

Be filled with love and removed from fear. Be filled with flexibility and encouraged to explore and seek what you have not given your energy and time to before now.

Be encouraged to expand while strengthening your resolve, determination and tenacity to reach higher goals.

Question what you are told and why you were told (that). You have questions to be answered and experiences to learn from.

Deepen your spirituality and seek the understanding on your soul for the situation on your heart through prayer, meditation and being out in nature.

consult with loved ones and friends as the answers you seek will be received now through connections and relationships with other people. Open yourself up to the ways Spirit sends your Spiritual Guidance.

It is in those connections you engage and embrace that your answers will be strongly felt and received.

You may feel you are a crossroads now but you will find your answer through honoring your Spiritual Guidance.

Accept invitations and serve as host to friends and loved ones. Try new activities that spark the passion that’s missing in your life.

Do something for the fun of it as your soul needs to be reawakened to the spice of life and the purpose of enjoying the adventure.

You may have settled into a situation or relationship or career or way of life that is not as passionate, expansive, spontaneous, adventurous, or loving as the one Spirit has in store.

Some changes are in order. Be open to receiving the blessing Spirit has riding in on the winds of change – just for you.



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  1. I KNEW it! I knew something felt strange lately! I’ve been wondering if I should go back to my ex or get to know this new guy and Ms. Necole you have answered my prayers!! AGAIN!! I just viewed this weeks spiritual guidance and all i can say is thank you thank you thank you thank you! You are amazing and help me so much!! I love you!

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