Spiritual Number 0

Spiritual Meaning to – 0 – Alpha And Omega, Divine Source, Our Creator, The Universe, All That Is, I AM That I AM, The Almighty, Jehovah, Source, Spirit, God, The Most Illumined, The All Wise, The Most Compassionate, Lord…

THE ONE before All One’s.

0 is the beginning of all beginnings. 0 is the unknown of all known and unknowns.

0 is beyond our human limited thinking, feeling, comprehending.

0 is unquantifiable and cannot be equated to any other energy.

0 comes before all things including energy.

0 remains after all things including energy.

0 is the point before you begin a new path.

0 is the point in which you end that path.

0 is the birth of all existence and things.

0 is the death of all existence and things.

0 is The Beginning.

0 is The End.

0 is our blessing.

0 is within every fiber of all energy.

0 is the Supreme Foundation of all.

0 is before you knew you were a “you” and “I” was an “I”.

0 is why we know “we”.

0 is All There Can Ever Be.

0 is All There Ever Was.

0 is All There Will Ever Be.


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