Spiritual Number 4

Spiritual Meaning to – 4- Unified energy of abundance, wealth of knowledge, guidance, courage, strength, and full support.

Spirit is communicating through objects you find, treasures that have been lost bu now found, things that seem out of place in the setting you have found it in.

Watch for the anomalies of life including people – lovers may show up for reasons you may not understand right now but in time you will. Stay encouraged and acknowledge your Angel’s being near you.

Your Spirit Guides are near you leading and comforting you to a place positioned for happiness and success.

All Universal energies and elements created for your wealth, abundance and security are working together for your benefit.

Water – Earth – Water – Fire

4 – Seasons – Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter

4 – Winds – East – South – North – West

Your Foundation is being strengthened. You are being empowered to receive more than you have ever been opened to before.

Which bring all energy to one – 1. You are a part of creation and Our Creator is reminding you of your personal power to manifest and control things that you once felt were out of your control. You are being blessed in a magnanimous way.

The highest of all astrological energies – shadow side removed – are at your disposal. Gifted to you to achieve the highest attainment. The project or goal you are contemplating is blessed.

Keep your integrity and move forward in your mission. Step out on faith in the direction Spirit is sending you in. Your road ahead is blessed to establish a strong foundation.

Listen to your Spiritual Guidance as you receive it. However you receive it. As often as you receive it. Know how Spirit comes to you in Spiritual communication. Is through your Animal Spirit Guides. Your children. Your pets. Your clairs. (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clarification…), etc.

Begin working with your Angel’s. Allow our Archangels to guide you to each step forward and through each moment. Strategize and plan your steps with Heaven’s helpers.

Be aware of energy causing you to feel fear & hesitation. Go n the pathway that intuitively grounded in your truth. Listen to the wisdom of your heart chakra and focus your true and whole intent on the highest of all outcome.

Your vibrational energy is changing to receive your blessing. You are being led to your life mission, answers to dilemmas, and questions that have been on your Soul. It is time to move in the direction you receive signs of love and support in.

Spirit is reminding you that you deserve more and our Angels are asking you to let them lead and guide you aright. You are in a precious state of being, time, and you place. You are a precious Soul.

Open up to the raiment that is designed and created especially for you to be blessed, growth and prosper with the tender care and loving guidance you deserve.

You have all you need to take the next step. Do not fear.

Ego is in front of the path of fear and hesitation.

Spirit is encouraging you to move forward in faith, love, support, and trust that energy is in front of you and thoroughly infused in the road you are being guided to travel on.

Your angels are bringing you the support you need each step you take. Acknowledge them and welcome them into your journey.

It is time for your light to shine. Destiny is at hand. And your pathway is bright.


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  1. thank you xo i’ve been with you for the past several years necole and you are the best spiritual adviser on youtube! thank you for your spiritual guidance. you have helped me understand my spirituality and i am grateful. people don’t understand my process and i have let go of many loved ones. but i know it is for the best. i trust God. i thank you dear necole xoxoxoxo

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