Rediscover Your Self-Value

Spirit is showing you sides of yourself to detach from….you are experiencing each element of your own Spiritual Awakening Phase…..

Ask yourself…..

What is this situation saying about my needs? 

How is this relationship teaching me about my value?

What is my self-worth?

Are the boundaries I have healthy?

Are the connections I have healthy?

How can I best organize my life?

What is out of place in my day-to-day-routine?

What is missing in my life?

What areas  of my life have I been neglecting?

What relationships need my attention?

How am I being of service?

Am  I sacrificing myself to please others?

Is my need to please showing up in unhealthy ways?

How can I balance serving humanity and caring for myself?

How can I balance being caregiver and self-care?

What ways can I self-love – thus attract that energy to me?

What areas of my project needs more work in the planning stage?

How can I be a team player but not be taken advantage of?

How can I be a support and not end up drained?

What does self-respect look like to me?

How does respect show up in my life? In connection to every relationship I am in?

Where can my need to be independent be balanced out to accept support?

In what areas of my life can I delegate responsibilities?

How may I serve myself first every day?

How may I seek higher love?

How am I replenished at the end of the day?

How am I checking in with myself throughout my day?

How do I express myself?

What ways can I speak my truth and say exactly how I feel without reacting emotionally?

What are the facts of my life saying about myself?

What are the ideals I have about my life?

What are the ideals saying about my inability to see the facts?

How can I express myself using I feel ________________ statements. 

What are 5 things I am proud of about myself?

How do I react when people compliment me?

Am I comfortable with compliments?

Do I give compliments?

Am I living my dreams?

Do I offer criticism or give advice that is based on the truth?

How can I speak my truth with love, respect, and compassion?

Where have I stayed too long in a situation, relationship, or phase of life?

What beliefs, practices, and ways can be unearthed, overturned, and thrown out?

Am I perfect within my own imperfections?

Am I waiting to live my life until I am perfect, the timing is perfect, or the other person is perfect?

I AM Perfectly Connected To Divine Source And I Find Harmony Within Each Breath….xo

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