Spiritual Number 3

Spiritual Meaning to – 3 – Faith, wisdom, courage, Holy Trinity, the first geometric shape (triangle), the past – now – future.

Fortune, blessings, Jesus as the Manifestation of God

Spirit encourages you to pay attention to messages coming forward as they are answers to the questions on your Soul.

Three is a very Spiritual number and highly charged energy – beginning – middle – end of any situation you find yourself in.  Spirit is reminding you of the stages within each phase of any circumstances you are in.

Stay encouraged and highly attuned to The Universal Energies that are surrounding you right now whenever you see 3.

Heaven – Earth – Water

Mind – Body – Soul

Gather all forces of Manifestation for collective and individual growth and recognize the patterns as you are beginning to work very closely to Archangel Metatron, Jesus, and Godess Isis.

You are Safe and it is confirmed as you see 3 and any multiple of 3’s. Continue on your path of servitude and advocacy work. You are a leader but guard to care for yourself first and always.

While conducting any energy work or spiritual work keep yourself grounded by creating your own grounding techniques to be familiar with always.

3 represents spiritual growth,  manifestation and being open to receive all the unlimited blessings Spirit has in store for you.

Expansion brings you to future growth with the number 3, and Spirit is encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. Be reminded to move past resting on your laurels.

Challenge yourself  on a daily basis to achieve the next goal – fully seek balance as you are supported and moving quickly to your life mission.

Your life has been smoother lately, projects are moving right along and inner peace and enlightenment moments are occurring so don’t rest in your comfort zone.

Communicate and enjoy company of like minded souls that inspire your success. Be inspired to create your own pathway to success. You are manifesting your dreams so continue to listen to Spirit’s Guidance.


4 Replies to “Spiritual Number 3”

  1. Thank you!!!! I see the number 3 all the time! I didn’t know the meaning to the repeating numbers. Thank you Necole! You are the only one who I can talkk to about what I experience spiritually. Everyone thinks I’m crazy but I know I’m noot and I thank you for helping me understand my spiritual gifts.

  2. one of the highest quality blogs online. I am going to highly recommend you as the guru for spiritual guidance
    i love you necole

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