Spiritual Number 2

Spiritual Meaning to Number – 2 – is unity and togetherness. Have faith in the beginning of your journey and find balance in each step you take.

2 is balance, harmony, trust, diplomacy and keep your faith in your ability to achieve great heights together.

2 reminds you to include your partner, support, family, co-workers, in our projects and cooperate while compromising throughout your journey. You do not have to go it alone.

2 assures you that Spirit is reminding you that you have Spiritual helpers as well as Earth Angels ready to assist you in your path when you see the number 2.

This energy is of union and yin-yang, peace between different people, cultures, traditions, and mindsets.

2 represents the opposing factors, groups and entities. There are forces that will disagree and argue while others will seek the high road and relent to keep the peace.

2 reminds you to settle disputes and seek harmony in your interactions.

Show pragmatism and decisiveness in your approach to solidify your direction when you see 2.  Team work is a must to create peace and harmony in your work space and life in general.

2 is indicating Life Goals, and relationships are expressed and strengthened through nurturing your Divine Feminine. Your Inner Goddess is actively listening so display that to others when they need you to hear what is not being said during your acknowledgment of the Spiritual number 2.

Coaching as a career goal and using a direct approach and action while persuasive being careful yet poignant.  Using tactfulness with strategic vision is best right now.

Watch for the alter ego / shadow side of our truth to be revealed. Jealous energy can surface so be sure to cleanse and balance by pampering yourself first.

This energy cautions against being overly independent  and devoid of support and networking. You do not have to go it alone. You are not alone.

You no longer have to rely on yourself. You are joined with another. Spirit is reminding you that the Spirit Realm is your family support.

Speak up & confidently and express yourself plainly for all to see & hear. Be kind and helpful but willingly active in your life mission.

Learn to accept support where it is given and where you deserve that help. It is out of love and karma blowing in for your energy to be balanced.

Be of service while being served. Honor the balance of gratitude and servitude. Your energy is connecting to higher planes – 5th, 6th, and beyond.

You are receiving what you have given – you are the willing provider. Spirit is encouraging you to gainfully accept  and acknowledge your station in this earthly existence as the Earth Angel you are.

Know your Soul sores high in the heavens above in the Spirit realm within, and you are worthy of more than your human side can ever know.

Move beyond the limitations of your now and see past the realities your human eyes see and your human body feels.

Your truth does not lie within your circumstances.

Your truth is found within your unwavering humility to provide peace and security and love to all. It is time for you to receive the same. Karma is here to deliver your happiness. Open your arms and receive that which you’ve worked so hard to manifest.


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