Spiritual Number 1

The Spiritual Meaning for Number 1 is Spirit confirming that the signs you are receiving are guiding you on a new path. You have embarked on a new road of enlightenment and have begun a Spiritual Awakening Phase. Your Spiritual Growth will be personified throughout your new adventure.


Have faith and courage as your Spirit Guides and Heaven’s Angel’s are right by your side. This new road you have begun will be a path your ego will fear. Your human side can show hesitation and resistance to the unknown but your Spirit is clear on the calling you have on your Soul.


You may feel a certain pull to continue to go forward in the direction that Divine Source is guiding you to travel now. Spirit is encouraging you to be vulnerable to the energies that seem intuitively strong that you are to continue in the direction you have recently stood in front of.


This is a tremendous new change in the way you are seeing your world and the circumstances you are living in. A philosophy, ideal, belief, practice, self-imposed limiting barrier to your success has been altered.


You are not alone as your Spiritual team is right there with you. You only have to ask and listen to the Spiritual connections you are receiving.


The Spirit realm is communicating with you in a very high level and a fast pace so do not fear, you must believe in yourself and that Divine Source is bringing you through this phase of your life journey for a reason greater than you have ever known.


You may feel detachment from people and behavior you have once been comfortable with. That increasing detachment to the life you are moving away from is going to continue.


Trust that Divine Source is bestowing you with the resources you need to continue on your bright path. Success lies ahead, move with integrity for you are being blessed beyond your human limitation to see right now. You are being reminded that each step you take leads you to a higher phase of Spirituality and Attainment.


Your Spiritual Gifts are in high focus. Continue to seek The Most High in your new journey. For this is only the beginning and your journey is very bright. Keep your energy light and always seek your Higher Consciousness.


Deepen your Spirituality with meditation and watch for the patterns that Spirit shows you. Those patterns are the stepping stones in which you will use to continue on this successful pathway. Your future is very bright and aligned with your life mission, soul calling, and secret desires.


Wishes are manifesting. Dreams are coming true. That can frighten your human side but you are being reminded that you are a Soul within a body as you have begun a new phase of your earthly journey. Magic will unfold as you take each step forward into the unknown.


Listen and honor your intuition. Ask your Spirit Guides to show themselves. Consult and commune with Source. Awaken to the occasion each day and center yourself when you internal compass becomes disoriented and confused. That is our Creator testing you to come back in.


To ask for further direction. To humble yourself and submit to the will of our Divine. Listen to the unspoken. See the unseen. Feel the beauty within each step and enjoy your journey. For you have begun an incredible new season in your Spiritual Awakening Duration.


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