Spiritual Numbers


Spiritual Numbers have a pattern that conveys Spiritual Communication and explains the Secret Spiritual Code of Life in a way so deeply profound – I invite you to begin paying more attention to them.


Spiritual Numbers are specific at times that it is impossible to ignore the synergistic nature to the mystery behind what is actually occurring. Manifestations of your wishes and dreams begin to form and your hopes become aligned with your purpose.


I have followed this part of the Secret  Code of Life since I was a little girl. I used to repeat numbers everywhere I went. License plates while riding in the back seat. Telephone numbers. UPC code on the cereal box.


I intuitively felt there was a message being sent to me that God wanted me to know.

Within my most recent Spiritual Awakening I was guided through Automatic Writing to pass the information along. That information is the messages you will find in each Spiritual number listed.

Enjoy rediscovering your original Spiritual language. Remember, we are Souls within a body. Our body did not come first.


Necole XO

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