Spiritual Guidance For Your Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Guidance is that voice inside that tells you what direction to go in. Spiritual Guidance is tender, loving, and respectful of your ego yet encourages your ego to rest.

Spiritual Guidance is gifted to each and every one of us. It is a blessing bestowed just as deeply as we all posses our own unique bag of Spiritual Gifts.

Spiritual Guidance is for our Spiritual Awakening moments that remind us that: We are a Soul within a body.

Spiritual Awakening is the growth we experience as we climb through the many different layers of reflection. It is the pioneer lost within desperately trying to escape the limitations of our circumstances.

Spiritual Awakening is a phase of enlightenment we are gifted with throughout our human journey. In this 4th density in which we control, there are periods that last an unpredictably amount of time that makes one awareness true. Every single time.

That awareness is this. Our body did not come first. Our Spirit has been awoken. We are a Soul within a body.

Warm Love & Bright Light,

Necole XO

Necole is a Master Spirit Guide and Celebrity Spiritual Advisor. She holds credentialing in Spirituality, Health & Wellness, and Educational Studies. She is a life long learner, educator, and coach to other professionals. Her clientele includes but is not limited to Celebrities, MD’s, PhD’s, Students, Parents, Coaches, Unemployed, Self-Employed, Bakers, Educators, Counselors, Analysts….humanity. Necole has a bustling Spiritual Practice and believes that as she thrives and flourishes she is blessed to give and be of service. She is a highly sought after Spiritual Advisor, an esteemed proven Psychic Medium, and a notable well received presence in our lives and souls. Necole is an angel we have been gifted with to understand our Spirituality and beyond – as we sojourn in this 4th density. We love Necole and can’t thank her enough for her profound Spiritual Guidance. Our appreciation is underrated in regards to her professional, expert knowledge and honest nature. We are sure you will feel the same.